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Other pictures from the 2010 Aviva Ironman 70.3 in Singapore (triathlon)

A few other pictures from the Aviva Ironman 2010, the triathlon competition that took place in Singapore on 21st March 2010. Below you will see pictures of competitors #49, #95, #314, #608, #808, #950, #967, #1117 and of another unknown guy whose number is not visible in the picture.

Number 314Number 95Number 950Number 967Number 1117Number unknownNumber 608Number 808Number 49Competitor #985

As said in my previous post, if you have taken part to the Aviva Ironman 2010 and you want a larger version of a picture of you (cycling, crashing, running, but no swimming), contact me at info AT; I will send your picture for free for non-commercial use (printing it and giving it to your friends is OK). If you do not appear in th

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Triathlon pictures - 2010 Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore

I have enjoyed watching the Aviva Ironman 2010 triathlon competition, last Sunday. I did take quite a few pictures, these are a few samples:

Racer Dai Matsui (#866) of Japan:
Racer number 0866

Racer Domenico Passuello (#11) of Italy:
Domenico Passuello, #11

If you were at the race and you are interested in the picture(s) I might have taken of you cycling or running during the race (sorry, no swimming), contact me at info AT I will let you have those pictures for free.

Soon online:
- The list of race numbers for which I have pictures;
- CSS (you might not care, but that's one of the main differences between a crappy-looking web page and a good-looking one);
- More sample pictures;
- Pics of the fencing competition that took place in Singapore in Feb 2010.

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